Friday, December 3, 2010

Gifts: Day Three

Gifts of their hands. We are on day three of our 25 Days of Christmas. It is Gabby’s turn to hand out the ornament today. The girls have been a bit tentative as they are every year. Walking up to someone and handing them a gift is always an unknown. We have had two situations that were a bit odd. One man gave the girls a penny. Another woman just pushed the girls away. All learning experiences.
The girls require adult supervision. We talk about each experience. Many times an adult will ask about our gift giving. The stories we receive from these people make it all worthwhile. The smiles, the words of thanks, the surprised looks. Soon the girls will find their strides and wish they had made more ornaments.
I love the gifts the girls hand out. They are each a work of art, a piece of the child’s creativity. The time preparing for the holidays if full of wonderful grandma time with granddaughters. Even if we kept every ornament, I wouldn’t miss the time we spend together in preparation.
I will keep you posted on our progress. I hope you think about doing this with your family some year. You will understand why the 25 Days of Christmas are so important.
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