Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Memories

Microsoft decided to send a million (at least) updates to my computer this morning. Comcast and I worked it out, and my blog is late.

Singing Christmas Tree, The Nutcracker, Christmas programs at churches and schools, a wide variety of things to do over the holidays. Ways to add to Christmas memories.

I love the fantasy we got to experience with our children when they were young. I love the times we went sledding and built snowmen. I miss those moments we sat reading Christmas stories. The grandgirls are older, and the glow for them is fading.
In looking back over old pictures, I'm a little surprised that my daughter wasn't traumatized by the characters at the yearly Christmas breakfast. We tried to embraced every bit of the surprise and wonder. We worked hard to make those times happen with our children. For our children.

Years ago we took the girls to Alpenrose Dairy, to Christmas town. We walked the streets looking at the decorations and sat through the drama in the opera house. We rode in a horse drawn wagon sitting close together to keep warm. We make memories for our children, for our grandchildren and I think most of all for ourselves.

My children do not remember well the events when they were small. A glimpse might pass by when a memory is jarred. They do not remember the hug from Rudolph or a cookie from a big bear. But I remember every moment. Maybe I sell my children short. Maybe they don't have time to remember.
We didn't do much when I was a child, but I do remember a reindeer with a red nose. I wish there were pictures so I could remember more. Again, we hold the history.

Smile. You're a Christmas memory.

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