Friday, December 17, 2010

Broken Ornament

A small hand reaches up for the first time to hang an ornament on the tree. Quickly the hand grabs for another. Momentum builds and soon ornaments are hanging in an area as tall and as wide as the child.

Adults grabbed glass ornaments hanging them above little hands. Memories hung where they can be seen over the holiday season remembering other days and other people. Little hands reach for the tree wanting to hang the ornaments again and again.
Occasionally, an ornament drops and breaks. Big eyes look up knowing that something bad has happened. Perhaps one of those precious pieces, perhaps one made by loving hands breaks beyond repair. A child learns. So does a parent. For all the love and memory of the pieces on the floor, the lesson to be realized takes priority. The child learns to handle with care. The adult learns that the ornaments are just things.

We have lost ornaments over the years. And, we have lost the people who gave them to us as well. A life may be gone, but the memory is not. The broken ornament offers special moments between parent and child. We pick up the pieces and smile, "I remember when....." Lessons for both.

Many of this older generation no long want to put up with the mess of a tree. It seems like a hassle to drag out the boxes and place the ornaments on the tree. Maybe the tree brings on thoughts of loneliness and separation. Maybe we pack away our childhood dreams and want to keep them in the box. Maybe too many things have been broken in our lives. Perhaps the body does not have the flexibility or ability to decorate a tree. The boxes remain unopened.

My ornaments will one day live with my children, my grandchildren. A history will be passed on. Perhaps another pair of small hands will hold them then place them on the tree.....all in one spot. I look at our tree and remember.


  1. My blog today is about ornaments, too!

  2. I love putting up the ornaments every year. Each has a lovely memory and my adult kids love to tell the stories of each one on Christmas Eve...and we hang them until they literally fall apart.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Nona Nita. Yes, ornaments are a history, tokens of the past and those that will memories of our Christmases. I hope your holiday was as special as the ornaments you hung on the tree.