Friday, November 26, 2010

We Believe

"I saw Santa fly across the sky," Sydney said. "I even saw the reindeer."

She cracks me up. Long ago she learned the truth of the jolly man. In further conversations between Grams and gramsdaughter, we tossed about random thoughts on why we shouldn't give up the idea of Santa. We loved him. He gave us much delight and wonder. He did nothing to harm us. He only had good intent to bring happiness. He had a lot of helpers all over the world. He was everything good. He made us want to be good.

Mickey Mouse is similar. Good vibes, laughs, delightful stories and clothing line as well. Hm. I believe in him, and he was from the imagination of Walt Disney.

I believe in angels. They watch over us. They comfort us. They are good and bring us peace. I can't see them.

Fairies. I have never seen one yet I love to look at books about them, watch Gabby's movies starring fairies, building fairy house out in the trees. I believe in Tinker Bell. Heaven only knows that she protected, guided and brought delight to generations.

No one has ever sat down with me and said, "Pam, there are no fairies. Tinker Bell is a myth."

"Pam, there is no Mickey Mouse only ink and imagination."

I would probably respond, "But I know there is a Donald Duck."

Imagination and beliefs. Ours, Disney's, James M. Barrie, storytellers, prophets, soothsayers, anyone who ever dreamed, created, shared something we could not see, asked us to believe. Where would be be without that creativity, that revelation an that opportunity to make it ours.
By Gabby
Sydney and I decided that even though there is no Santa, we choose to have him in our lives. The seeds have already been planted. Gabby knows that Santa is someone we like to believe in.

"I think I will still believe in Santa, Grammy," she tells me.

Maybe the three of us will start a club. "Those Who Choose To Believe". We will continue believe in those things of imagination. They just might help us find more moments of joy, moments of memory, moments to pass on to our children. Perhaps that delight in believing will make us better people by believing that there is good in the world. Good we can pass on. From a man who gives generously, fairies who bring beauty to a sometimes difficult world, a mouse who often shows us ourselves.

I grew up learning parables that were created to teach. Stories that have continued through the ages. I grew up believing in a book that had many stories told by many in different ways, yet I believed the stories as seen through all of the different eyes and voices. I believe in something I cannot see. Some think it fantasy.

There is good in that man in a red suit. Sydney is trying to keep this legacy alive for Gabby. She loves her sister so much that she creatively embraces her. Oh, yes, ask any of us. We believe.

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