Friday, November 19, 2010

There Are No Words

There are no words to explain this thing of being a grandparent.
There are no words.

A child's hand in yours
The words "I love you" coming from out of nowhere
A child snuggling into bed beside you for warmth, for security
There are no words.

No words for that first time a baby is placed in your arms
Or the first time the word 'Grandma' is said
No words can express the spreading warmth in your chest
No words other than 'love' even come close

A child plastered against your side reaching over to hold your hand
"Up, Grammy", the words are priceless
A child empties her feelings that sometimes hurt
She asks her grandma to listen

There are no words

The child brings a toy to share
A picture of stick people
Tells her friends, "This is my Grammy"
The heart swells with love....there are no words.

A child no longer snuggles as once she did
Her interests are changing
She starts to leave the house then returns
She hugs me and kisses me good-bye.

There are no words.

A grandparent is defined by the love of a child
No textbooks prepare
No certification required
A grandparent is born on that 'birth' day.

There are no words. Oh, there are no words.

1 comment:

  1. How true! Precious thoughts.

    Grandma Tea (Lydia Harris--grandmother of 5)
    Author: Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting