Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Days

Three, er, four in bed. Elbow to elbow, wiggling toes....except for the dog. No wiggling toes there. Rudolf's red nose just got discovered. It is a snow day.

Most of my Christmas movies are on VHS. The only VHS player is in my bedroom. Sydney is knitting with Puddles tucked on her lap. (He likes to sit where he can look at the window protecting us from squirrels.) I am in the middle with elbow pinned to my sides typing my blog and Gabby is sitting at the end of the bed working on a blanket she is making. It doesn't get much better.

"Grammy, can we have hot chocolate later?" Sydney asks.

Of course we will. What is a snow day without hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. In a squirt bottle?!?!

I love this time of the year. Thanksgiving meets us once more in two days. Christmas music has found its way to the radio station. One can find a Christmas movie on TV. Elf, The Grinch and Santa in a variety of scenarios will find there way to our house. We are counting on it.

We've made our ornaments for the 25 Days of Christmas and will start handing them out randomly next week. With our limited budget, we are making Christmas presents for family.

There isn't much snow on the ground. Ice seems to be the problem today. We waited for the approaching storm last night peering through the patio door occasionally hoping to see that first snow flake. It didn't make its appearance until later in the evening; however, waking to find the roof tops white with a skiff of snow on the lawn made up for the late arrival.

What is it that makes these days so special? The girls are home on the weekends. I spend time with them every day. Yet snow days are an unexpected....delightfully unexpected.

When my children were small, we took advantage of such days sitting before the fireplace with hot chocolate and a puzzle. We spent time watching movies and playing games. When the snow was deep, the kids bundled up and headed outside. Snow draws out the kid in all of us. It takes us back in time and makes memories of the present.

The dog seems to be enjoying this day with his girls. Snuggling close, he has no intention of leaving the scene. I know how he feels.

Snow days. A gift.

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  1. In southern Texas, our snow days are few and far between. But we do get hurricane days once in a while! Those aren't fun, but the silver lining is that the grandkids have to learn to live without their iPods and Rock Band for a while, as I wrote in 2008 after Hurricane Ike.