Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Grandparent's Voice

What to call a blog? Hm.....Granny's Homepage. Fear in White Hair. The Dirty Truth: I Don't Know Everything. Disguised As Grammy. Grandma, Seeker of Truth.

Let's list my credentials for writing a blog about grandparents:
1. I am one.
2. Hm. I had one.
3. Hm again.

My experience qualifying me to to write such a blog.
1. Ah
2. er,
3. Well....
4. No prior experience before birth of Sydney.

Reasons I have for writing AGV:
1. A friend told me to write a blog.
2. A writer writes.
3. I have a desire to express my feelings.

What do I write about?
 1. Things that happen with my grandchildren.
 2. Things I learn about my grandchildren.
 3. Generational comparisons from my childhood to that of my grandchildren.
 4. The 60's. An era and my age.
 5. Living a single life, an unemployed life.
 6. Experiences shared with other grandparents.
 7. Observations of the world we live in.
 8. My fears, concerns and doubts.
 9. Things that work and things that don't.
10. The bonuses of grandparenting.
11. The life and times of me.

What do I expect to achieve from this blog?
1. Document a journey.
2. Write to understand this process of an evolving me.
3. A journal of a woman seeking answers and solutions.
4. A journey I hope others will join, so I can learn more.

I have been writing this blog for a little over a year. During this time, I have had life changes. There have been many ups and downs. My granddaughters are a year older facing new challenges. My daughter is trying to keep a family afloat. I am trying to find my place.

I am on a journey as a mother, a grandmother, a woman. I am discovering who I am in this phase of my life. I am an American citizen, a world citizen. I am a part of nature. I am a woman who cares.

A Grandparent's Voice. My voice. A voice belonging to others. A voice blended with yours. This is why I write.

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