Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grandma Magnet

"I'm going up to take a bath," I announce to the girls.

I start up the stairs. Sydney, Gabby and dog follow. Time to go get the mail. I open the door; the girls are behind me ready to go. I go to the garage to dig in one of our boxes looking for something that didn't fit into the house when we moved in a month ago.

"What are you doing, Grammy?" Gabby asks from the door. Soon she is exploring the boxes next to me.

At one time, I was a mommy magnet. If I was in the kitchen, in the basement, in the garage, in the back yard, one of my kids would show up sooner or later. "What are you doing, Mom." This was usually followed by a chain of questions and conversation.

We encourage our children to be independent. They play alone, they go to camp, they go on to college yet there is a silent draw that keeps us together. Even though I am missing my alone time now, I remind myself that all too soon a child will not be following me up the stairs or popping up next to the stove asking, "Can I help?"

When taking our families back to the farm for visits, my sisters and I were drawn back by that magnet. The gravity from Mom cooking in the kitchen would draw us to her, a cup of coffee and wonderful conversation. Dad walking down the lane would draw his daughters to tag along. When one sister went to get dressed, the other two would show up and old times would be revisited again. as we laughed and remembered. Even with my mother gone now, her daughters are still drawn to the pull of her.

"Grammy, sit in the middle," a usual comment when sitting on the sofa with my granddaughters. Soon feet are on my lap later replaced by heads. A magnetic force silently draws us together.

The parade of a grandma, two girls and a dog is a common sight in this home. The pull of love. A grandma who loves being magnetic.


  1. I find the cell phone acts as the same magnet when I'm not with the grandsons. They call and text and want to know what I'm doing, crowding me in the same way they might when we cook, read, or watch TV.

  2. I agree. The cell phone is a direct line between us and our grandchildren. I love when I get a text that just says "hi". I know that my grandkids like to know that they are just a phone call away. Good for you, Jake. Keep that line going.