Friday, November 12, 2010

Awakening to The World

My granddaughter is on Facebook with limited access. We all keep an eye on her information monitoring her posts as well as her friends. She cannot accept a friend without approval. Concerned. Yes.

She made simple posts to begin with cheering on a friend or family member. A short get well note for those not feeling well. Encouragement for a classmate or friend with a problem. Her journey into her new school brought support from those same friends and family. The fear of starting school where she knew no one was encouraged and supported by those who love her. The first B on a quiz brought her down, but the adults informed her that a B was not failure and she would do better.

She has not gone off to school alone. She has gone with a support group that cheers her on every day. "Way to go, Sydney!" "We are so proud of you!" "You can do it!" Adults who love her, those she doesn't see who live on another coast, those who are neighbors and friends of the family follow her daily life ready to do what is needed to let her know that she has a support system at the click of on keyboard.

We live in a new era. Many of us no longer live in the area of our youth. Some of us have lived away from family. Yet all of the people who love us are there to support my granddaughters. We create a safe environment for her with monitoring and allowing her to broaden her relationships with family far away. Yes, I worried about this Facebook thing for her, but seeing what this has done for her is remarkable.

This week Sydney posted a video about the children of Uganda. It had been shown in her social studies class. She invited everyone to watch it saying that many in her class had cried when they saw it...including her. I watched this story about orphans, orphans carrying a disease that would someday kill them. The story was heart wrenching. The fact that she posted it was impressive. She has found a platform on which to give her opinions, to show her concerns, to make a statement. Many watched her posted video giving her feedback. My granddaughter is finding her voice with the guidance of the many who love her.

Sometimes progress is not so hard to embrace.

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  1. Facebook can definitely be a force for good, if embarked upon with the proper attitude. I learn a lot from the posts and links.