Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

Do the wishes come true when you toss that coin into a well? How about when you wished upon all those stars as a child? Did the wishes come to you at some distant time? Did you notice or remember?

My granddaughters wished on stars as we snuggled on the blanket watching the meteor showers a few weeks ago.

"Grammy, do you think the wishes come true?" Gabby asked.

"I don't know, Honey. I'd like to think they do," I answered.

This morning after a rough night of sleep, the thought again crossed my mind. Do wishes come true?  I have wished on a good many stars in my sixty-three years. I have prayed and asked God for help. I have tossed coins into pools, coins I wish I had right now. Where did those elusive dreams and wishes go? Did I miss them?

 "Do you think God answers prayers?" another question surfaces.

"Sometimes prayers aren't answered exactly the way you want," I told my questioning grandchild. "Sometimes God decides to answer them in a better way."

I'm a positive person....most of the time. I'm good at pulling up my boot straps and heading into a storm well equipped with or at least ready to use my ingenuity. Still I wait for the illusive dream to come true. As with everyone, sometimes life is not easy. Transition. Job loss. Health changes. The passing of loved ones.

My wishes on those stars has changed as I have aged from child to grandma. Simple requests for a doll or puppy have gone to financial security and family well-being. Prayers asking for little errors of a child have changed to guidance to find a door that will ease stress and give peace.

Many are like me right now. Women who chose to stay home with their children depending on a husband's pension or savings to see them through a lifetime. Women who like me had failed marriages. Women like me who tried to raise children the best we could alone. Women like me who have lost jobs. Women like me who want so badly for life to be easier, for us to be able to give our children and grandchildren more, who find ourselves in dire straits. Many are like me right now.

Still I wish on the star and send my prayers to a loving God. I hold my grandchildren tight and realize that nothing is better than that exact moment. I look at my children, my sisters, my grandchildren and know that God has indeed answered my prayers.

Star light, star bright.......

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