Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weed Wisdom

With weed digger in hand, gloved hands at that, and bucket, I set out to tackle the weeds in the flowerbeds. Confused, the weeds think they should still be arguing with me. Don't they know it's fall and time to sleep? Plants are in bud and bulbs are expecting Easter next week. IT IS NOT SPRING!

While sitting in a patch of weeds, digging out their determined roots, I hear the leaves rustling nearby. A snake? A squirrel? No, a robin stands looking at me.

I ask it, "Aren't you supposed to be migrating?" I continues to stare at me. Expecting worms? Nest building supplies? Surely not expecting winter to arrive in just a few weeks. Nature is confused.

Most of the summer I've been pulling an invasive weed that seems to pop up in random spots across the lawn. The root system is strong. One by one, I pull the weeds following the root system knowing that I will not get all of the plant. I can only maintain what I see.

"Isn't it time for the grass to stop growing???" my son asks as he once more pulls the lawnmower from the shed. "What's with this weather?"

Like much of the country, we waited for summer to come seeing only glimpses now and then. Indian summer seems to have settled in Oregon, something that cannot last for long. Surely we will be wishing for warm, sunny days all too soon, but for now, we are ready for a change.

Lessons I learned inside of my garden gloves:

Don't be fooled by what you see on the outside.
You can try to dig out evil, but it will surface again.
Enjoy what you have because things change quickly.
Roots can be strong. Don't make them invasive.
You cannot help but bloom, heal, grow, when you let sunshine into your soul.
Don't linger too long or you might just end up in a snow drift.

Most of all? Sit down in the grass, close your eyes and be one with the earth.

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