Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanted to Hire: Grandma.....Ha!

The story is the silent statistics. The story of concern. The story of self. A Google or Bing search for help, for others experiencing the same, for a tidbit of info that just might serve the purpose of the search.

As I have said before, my blog allows me to see the state or country of those who check out my blog, which words brings them to A Grandparent's Voice. I don't know the name, address, email or anything else about you, my readers, but in the simple facts that I do have, I know what's on your mind by the blog you read.

The blog most tagged is the one I wrote about an unemployed 62 year-old-woman. In this year long journey in blogging, I have gone from an independent woman living life alone and loving it to one who no longer has unemployment benefits, a job and now a home of my own. I am not alone. There are thousands just like me out there.

Last week I met an past neighbor. He and I are about the same age. He spent his life working for a firm that closed doors three years ago. As I have found, baby boomers are not embraced in the world of employment. Boomers are forced to retire, to change their living situation, to spend huge amounts in medical insurance.

What is the answer? For me, it was moving in with my daughter until I can find another path. The once young stay at home mom, the woman who was later divorced, the woman who went from making $50,000 a year to nothing finds herself in the same situation as other stay at home moms who stayed home doing what they felt was right for their children.

There are no answers. There are possibilities. I continue to look for a job. I am coming to grips with my present living situation. I am in counseling to keep my chin up. I am writing.

I am a survivor. I refuse to be anything else. As my son says, "Mom, I don't know what God has in store for you, but it certainly doesn't seem to be a job right now." Yes, I am in good Hands.

For those of you in the same circumstances, have hope, have faith. Believe in yourself, take care of yourself. We can only do what we can do at which point we need to embrace what we have. I am a mother, a grandma, an energetic woman, a creative being, a writer, a poet, an observer of life and a woman who is surprised and delighted by what she discovers daily. I am finding a new me.

It's hard to find the positive with an elephant sitting on your back. The positive isn't in the world, its not in a paycheck, its not in good strokes from other people. The positive is in you. Grab hold of it and look forward. Every day is a new day with limitless possibilities.

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