Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Bored

"Grammy, I'm bored," Gabby just informed me.

I'm trying to write. I am trying to write with some pangs of guilt. I should not feel guilty since I have already postponed my morning writing time to play Princess Monopoly. So why am I feeling guilty?

In my mind I know that the kids needs to understand that adults have their own time. It's not healthy to glue yourself to your child or grandchild. Yet I feel guilty.

I never had a grandmother or even parents who drop everything just to do something with me. They never read to me let alone played with me. So am I trying to make it up to my grandchildren?

Maybe it stems from the realization that time is fleeting and my time with my family shortens. My granddaughters are growing up and will soon not want the same time with a grandparent. Am I trying too hard to savor what time I have?

Maybe I just like to play, spending time with the girls. Maybe I just love the giggles, hugs and adventures. Maybe I'm finding pieces of myself in the process.

"Honey, I'm almost finished," I just told her. "Go ahead and set up round two. I'm gonna beat the socks off of you. I get Snow White!!!!!"

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  1. I grew up in an era when children were expected to amuse themselves, for the most part. I remember playing games with my friends and my sister. I do not remember playing games with my parents, and I certainly did not with my grandparents. But just because I was brought up in one way doesn't mean that I think that way is the best. I love playing games with my grands, and I like thinking that they will have memories of having had fun with me.