Monday, October 18, 2010

I Am There

She sits in the pew and holds the Bible. She reads along with the scripture reading then sits quietly through the service. Sydney finding her own answers.

The church was my second home in my growing up years. Our church encouraged us to think for ourselves and to think globally. As an early teen I began to question portions of what my parents and church believed. Only after years of living did I permit myself to actually understand what my belief is in this power called God. Anyone who reads my blogs know that I have a strong faith, a faith I found on my own.

My children were raised much as I had been until they, too, began to question. My memories of the fights I had with my parents over doctrine were not going to happen in this generation. I have learned that we must all make our own journeys into what we hold true.

When Sydney was about six, Stacey called me. "Your granddaughter has a question," she said handing off her phone to her daughter.

"Grammy, where is God?"

Wise old sage? Family shaman? Or just a grandma with a lot of experience.

"Hm. That's a good question. Where do you think God is?" I asked.

"In the sky?" a typical answer.

"Sure, Honey," I replied. "God is in the sky, in the trees, in the animals. God is everywhere," I continued. "And, you know what?"

"What?" said a small tentative voice.

"God is in you."

Silence. Had I frightened her? Was she bored with my lengthy explanation? Did she fall asleep?

Finally, a small voice said, "He is?"

"Yep. You know that feeling you get inside when Mommy give you love and kisses? That's the place where God lives with you."

Again, quiet. Then...."Thanks, Mom." Click. I had no idea if the answer was correct, even one she understood, but evidently, it was enough.

Since that time years ago, the girls and I have talked about different belief, different religions. We talk about God. Sydney enjoys church and Bible School. Gabby not so much. Both are okay with me. They will find God in their own ways. He's just waiting.

You may not see me, but I am there. You may not hear me, but I am there. You may want to talk with me. I am listening. For though I am out of sight, angels watch over you, and forever....I am there. - me

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  1. My granddaughter recently asked her mom, "If God is everywhere, how would you know how to invite him to a birthday party?" (Her own birthday was coming up, and her party invitations were on her mind.) That concept of omnipresence can be hard for a toddler to grasp!