Monday, September 20, 2010


Socks. They tell story, you know. I discovered this fact while standing over a pile of warm, clean whites. The pile of multi-sized socks grew as I sorted and folded the load of freshly dried laundry.

It has been many years since I had to sort socks. Once in awhile my son would move back between acting gigs. Not hard to differentiate his from mine. However, now I am faced with socks in three sizes. Socks. Now I sort socks.

Living alone was nice. Time alone was priceless....except on those days when I missed the patter of little feet in the hall, playing 'this little piggy', tickling toes and buying new dressy shoes to match a Christmas dress. Yes, privacy was a premium, but days gone by are priceless.

I can tell by Gabby's cute, little socks that she has been wearing them inside the house and sometimes outside. Bleach as I may, the evidence remains. I seem to have four pair of Gabby's socks for six days. One would assume that maybe socks weren't changed a couple of days or just maybe she wore flip flops. I opt for the first. I hope for the second.

Sydney has maybe one pair of socks in the pile. She loves her flip flops. Of course, there could be more pairs of hers. Hard to tell since her feet are bigger than her moms, the same size as mine. Oh, my, where did the time go? I miss her little feet.

As for my daughter, I have 4 socks remaining with no matches. My guess is that they are hiding in her room still full of boxes. We also have socks that match. Argh! Sock sorting! It is a skill.

I am holding on to these days of sorting socks. Cherishing the small socks that are Gabby's. Holding on to Syd's socks that will all too soon be heading off to college. Loving my daughter's socks that haven't been mine to fold for twenty years. Yes, we are combining households....and mingling socks.

Maybe next week I'll pair them off all wrong. Gabby might just find one of her sock paired off with one of her Grammy's. Maybe Syd will notice a change in her sock drawer as well.

Socks. Signs of a family in transition.

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