Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Is Good, I Think

She woke up in a new place finding herself in a new life. A new life with the old her still in residence. She now had two kids and a dog. Oh, the kids aren't her daughters but her granddaughters. Her daughter is working while this woman is still unemployed. Sitting at her computer surrounded by boxes, papers, furniture in disarray, she wonders what happened to her old life, a life of quiet, space and alone time. Hm. Maybe this is a dream from which I will awaken any time now. Maybe....

Back in the 70's and 80's when my children were young and active, I was, too. I could cook, clean, run kids from one place to another, walk the dog and have the house in order when Daddy returned home from work. Well, let me tell you, folks, that me isn't me anymore. Transition is not all that easy at 63. Fighting bronchitis and exhaustion, I try to keep on the happy face, but I am tired. I am soooooo tired.

My daughter and I have consolidated households. Both granddaughters just began school. The dog thinks that I am his best friend. We are constantly looking for items we can't find probably in boxes we can't get to. And, we moved in next door to a house full of testosterone and big noisy bikes.

"The people next to you have loud parties all the time," our new neighbor Steve informed me. Oh, good. I've had noisy neighbors before....or so I thought. "I went over to talk to them, but it didn't help."

Night one: Laughter, music with a beat that pounded against the windows. No sleep.
Night two: More laughter, louder yet, music that still pounded against the house. Stacey heard the noise until 1am; Sydney heard it at 5 am.
Night three: 7 pm music noise pounding over the sound of the TV and air conditioner. Police called. Music a tad bit quieter. 11 pm Stacey returns home from work. The neighbors have a fire pit roaring along with the noise. She comes into the house smelling as though she has been sitting by the fire next door.

"Smell my hair!" she said as she entered the house. Ah, one more of those moments your kids give you where they want to smell something bad or taste something gross. I smelled the hair and knew this was the finale. Police called again.

Last night there wasn't a sound from next door. Everyone slept soundly except for me who was sitting on the floor in the pantry coughing. Why in the pantry, you ask? It is the best place to isolate my noise episode without waking the entire house.

Will we survive this blending of family? Will we settle into a routine? Will I find my energy and health again? Will we ever get unpacked?

"Grammy, do you want a blackberry?" Gabby asks. She and her sister picked them from the bushes opposite our new home.

"Sure, Honey," I reply as a good Grammy should. "Those are really good."

"Mommy didn't know if they were safe," she replied. "She said to feed them to you and see if you died. You didn't!"

Life is good, I think. I just need to find it. It's probably in that box back in corner by the water heater.

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  1. So sorry you are being unlucky in the neighbor department! This new life will throw enough challenges at you without your having to deal with loud music all night long.