Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family Days

The day seemed to gain length as it continue on. I needed to write and the girls were trying so hard to be good.

"Grammy, can we make cards," Syd asked.

At the craft store, I had picked up a package of blank cards and envelopes. Over the last few months, the girls have created birthday cards and thank you cards. Stamps, stickers, drawings and sweet sayings gave the cards a bit of individual flair from each girl.

A few weeks ago Gabby presented me with a "Happy Family Day" card. A day from her imagination. A card of her own creation. Puppies and kitties sat among hearts. The words all her own. "Can this be Family Day?" she asked. When I opened the card, my heart filled with love for this beautiful child. Of course, it would most definitely be "Family Day".

When it came time for the girls to go home, I packed up their newly made cards. Cards were created  for Mommy and for Daddy. Inside each card was a list of things for which the children were thanking their parents.

No gift is more special than that from the heart. No words are more precious than those that arrive from out of nowhere. A card sits atop the shelf. Yesterday was Family Day. Tomorrow will be also. I expect there to be many, many more in the future. In fact, all I see in the future are 'Family Days'.

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