Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You Believe, Grammy?

I was driving Gabby home from an outing at the mall. It was a quiet moment driving down a treed avenue. Then......

"Grammy, I don't think that parents are the tooth fairy, do you?"

NO!!!!!! I did this with my kids. Don't make me do it again!!!!! Pull yourself together, Pam.

"Well, Honey, I like believe that there is a tooth fairy," I said choosing my words carefully. I was determined not to be the bearer of bad news.

"Me, too," she replied pleased with my answer.

Evidently, kids are talking. She is at the other end of the school with the big kids now reside. The innocence of childhood is about to be challenged and partially annihilated. Belief in fairies will be shattered along with the belief that parents are always right. The age of innocence is on the chopping block.

When my son was little, we came clean about Santa and the Easter Bunny.

"I know there is a tooth fairy," he said through his tears. "I felt her put her hand under my pillow."

"I'm sure there is," I replied through the mirrored tears. "Oh, Honey, I'm sure there is."

This has to be my last go round with this darn fairy. Obviously, she won't go away. With my luck my great grandchildren will corner me with the same, "Do you believe, Grammy?"

There are no fairies. Right?

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