Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ain't It Grand. Ain't It Great

"Mom, you're going to be a grandma," my daughter informed me. Grandma. Hm. I should have been jumping for joy. Instead I found myself trying the title on for size. 'Grand'ma. Hm. In the sum of seven words, I became old. I hadn't thought about grandchildren eleven years ago. I was a working woman, dating and having a new life. I considered myself middle aged. But 'Grandma'.

My grandmothers died when I was a child, yet in all of the pictures they wore old lady dresses and had grey/white hair. I went into the bedroom to look at this new, eight-months-to-be grandma. Hair: Blonde (some of it natural); Size: 6; Ankles: still pretty good looking; Age: 41. Grandma.

Of course, this all settled in by the time the baby came along. Holding baby Sydney erased all of my preconceived ideas of Grandma. The name felt pretty good.

A few years ago I received a phone call from my sister. "Pam, you are going to be a great aunt."  Oh, my. My sister, June's, grandchildren didn't really call me anything, and I never thought of being their great aunt. In fact, had they called me that, I would have taken it that I was a 'great' aunt. I was much younger when they came along. Now I had gone from a 'grand' to a 'great'. Again, I repeat, 'oh, my'.

Little Aaron, my 'grand'nephew, has a birthday this month. I have seen him twice in his little lifetime. He and his brother Henry are 'great' in every sense of the word. Again, the title has settled in as I've learned to know these little boys. It is a title I wear with pride.

Truly, it is grand and it is great to be me. Happy Birthday, Aaron.


  1. Pam, I love your blog! I'm 59 and became a grandmother last year. I share the care of little Joshua with his other grandma while my daughter teaches. A friend suggested I start writing a blog about grandparenting, and I've read several just to see what others are writing. Yours is the first one I really connected with. I like the way you give perspective to our role.

    It'll be interesting to hear how you like living with your daughter and grandchildren.

    Karen Behee
    Tempe, Arizona

  2. Karen, welcome to my blog. This is a blog about all of us, you know. It's about this new hat we wear as a grandma and the new body we wear as we grow older. It is about a journey. Thank you for joining mine. Let's do it together.

    BTW, a rough day today.