Monday, September 13, 2010

Act 1; scene i

Grams: So, Sydney, how do you feel about this move?
Sydney: I feel like we have more room and more family time, I like it!

(Sydney, Gabby, Mommy and I all live together now in a little townhouse.)

Grams: I like it, too. Nice to wake up every day and see my girls. Not so good to see all the boxes we need to unpack. So many things and so little room.

Sydney: I know so many things to do and so little time we have. Hopefully we get that done soon.

Grams: So do you like your new school?

Sydney: I love it I have a great new wonderful friends It is so great no Gym for me WOOOO HOOOO!!!

(She has stepped out of the room so I'll add a note. Dance classes instead of sweaty PE seems to have won her over.)

Grams: You have quite a few things happening all at once. Are you doing okay?

Sydney: Yeah I guess I am, lots of homework I started my homework at around 330ish and ended it at around 545ish lucky I got it done.

Grams: I guess all in all we are doing just fine. I love you, you know.

Sydney: And you know I love you too.

Grams: Good night, Syd.

Sydney: Good night,Grams.

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