Friday, August 20, 2010

Yellow Bus

Shopping for supplies, new clothes, the stylish backpack. Nerves are a little on edge, summer is waning when it seems it just got here. Fall is approaching in the whisper of cool summer mornings. All are signs of the first day of school.

I vaguely remember my first day of school. Those days that I sent my children off were often difficult for me. I always missed them when they were gone. The house had a strange stillness about it. Loneliness often found me at the oddest times, i.e., picking up a far flung shoe, finding a sock under a sofa cushion, having a cleaner house. I missed my kids.

Now my granddaughters will go off to their schools. Sydney will face the new adventure of a new school. She goes without any of her friends and into a new, creative curriculum. Gabrielle will be moving to the other end of the school with older kids.

Painting, drawing, giggling and cuddling will just have to wait for the weekends. The house will be quiet and a little less lively. I will miss these granddaughters of mine. I wonder if my mother missed me?

Time passes quickly when measured by the events of each passing day. Babies soon turn into young women and school girls into blogging grandmas. Moments to be savored as they fleetingly pass. Moments to allow us to grow and change, to discover and create. This passing of time does not bother me for in each phase of life, I have discovered more of myself, more of my world.

However, for just a few moments, I want to hold time still. Hold it still before the yellow bus makes its journey from home to home taking the children off to new adventures. Bus #16 took me from shy girl to writing woman. I wonder what dreams to be discovered wait for Sydney and Gabby.


  1. Yes, time passes quickly, and grandchildren are a gift.

    I'm a grandma of five and just wrote a book for grandparents. I'd love to get the word out. You can learn more at The title of this hands-on guidebook is: Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting: For Grandparents at Any Stage of the Journey.

    Happy grandparenting!

    Lydia Harris (aka Grandma Tea)

  2. Lydia, thank you for your note. Anything we grandparents can do to learn more about this new hat we wear is a plus. The journey is half the fun. The other half consists of small hands and feet.

  3. i'll be thinking about sydney and her new adventure in a brand new school. she'll do great, of course! please keep us posted on her progress.

    connie ellison

  4. Connie,

    I will keep you posted. How I wish I had this opportunity when I was a child. I might actually have ended up an author!!!

    Thank you for writing. I owe you and email, my blogging friend.