Tuesday, August 10, 2010


One more trip to Olan Mills. Yes, we bought the package that gave us a memories of our children as they passed each year. Pictures that we gave at Christmas. Faces we peruse, looking for bits and pieces reflecting parents, grandparents, any piece carrying on a visage once known. Pictures capturing our children at each wonderful age. Their history and ours.

What wasn't showing in the pictures were the tears and fears. Wiggling children, bored children, children who recently gave themselves a hair cut as had my daughter. Parents and photographer jumping, waving, dashing to prop up a drooping baby, the chaos of portraiture. Usually it turns out pretty good in spite of the tension and stress. A pretty baby outfit spit up on right before the photo was taken is cover with a cute bib or stuffed toy. The former hair cut is feathered to look styled. A baby blowing spit bubbles becomes the favorite picture.

We lived on a beautiful ravine and wanted the memory of our children there. A friend offered to take the pictures. James was dressed his favorite Cincinnati Reds shirt and Stacey in her Raggedy Ann ready for the photo adventure. Or so we thought.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. For all the frustration of the day, they are my favorite montage of my children. I hope you can relate and enjoy a project going downhill with each click of the shutter.

These sweet, happy children were worth about two happy pictures, then we adults became the enemy. We were full of laughter and encouragement. They were fading quickly and not at all in tune with our desires. We were playing to a silent audience of two.

The finale came when neither child would even look toward the camera. It had become the focus of their angst. They lost interest, and we gained a series of priceless pictures.

My kids now laugh at the way we dressed them back in the 1970's. The don't remember living in the house on the ravine in Wisconsin. Yet these are some of their favorite pictures...a memory of a brother and sister.

Posed photos. Sometimes more than just a picture.

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