Friday, August 13, 2010

Racing Across The Sky

"Grammy, it's scary out here," Gabby said.

"Gabby, do not shine the flashlight in my eyes, please," I replied blinded by the light.

"Oh, sorry, Grammy."

"It is freaky, Grams," added Sydney.

I continued to arrange the sleeping bag on the lawn tossing down pillows and blankets determined that this would be a memorable evening.

"Grammy, I itch." Gabby was determined to take this experience to a physical level.

Sydney began to cry. "Grammy, I miss Mommy." Thursday night and the divorce hit home once more with my granddaughter. "I want her home like she used to be." So did I, but it was not meant to be.

One child is itching and wriggling while one is melted against me in tears. Argh!!!!! We will have a good time even if I have to tie you both down and point you to the sky!

Where are the darn meteors?????? I need a diversion! Where is the show that is supposed to peak tonight??????? One meteor would do it! Come on, God, please give me a meteor.

Okay, time for a revamp. "Sydney, call your Mommy. You'll feel better. Gabby, do not shine the flashlight in my eyes, please."

Soon Mommy arrived and took away the sad child. The meteorless sky was silent.

"So, Gabby, how about we go lay in your front yard. Maybe we are too close to the city lights."

With flashlight beam in Gabby's hand and a light shining up into the trees, the street, gravel at my feet, we managed to toss everything back into the car.

Once more settle in her front yard, we nestled together tickling each other with bare feet, a flashlight clutched to her little chest. The sky was filled with stars. We each picked a favorite star.

"Grammy, can stars be black?" Not sure what she was seeing, I changed the subject. "Grammy, I itch." Oh my God. Here we go again.

Suddenly, a huge, white flash raced across the night sky. The breathtaking sight left us in awe and wonder.

"Grammy, can we wish on those," Gabby asked in a hushed voice.

"Oh, yes, Gabby, we can certainly wish on those."

Thanks, God.

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