Monday, August 2, 2010

The Nature Club

Homes that welcome. There are such things, you know. Homes that when you drive up to them seem to have open arms waiting for you. Places where immediately as you walk through the door, you feel at home. Such is the way with the little yellow house.

I informed my granddaughters that I would be working at the little yellow house, the new 'old' house my son and wife just bought, every day setting the yard in order, making it easier to maintain. Without hesitation, the girls jumped at the chance to be there with me.

"I wish we could all live here," Gabby said. Sydney agreed. This was a home where we all felt 'at home'.

A friend stopped by to visit. "This is a home for a family," she said. Yes, it is. It calls to you from the lawn, from the porch, from the gravel driveway.

For days I have pulled weeds and pruned trees and shrubs. Each day the girls come over and help or play in the huge yard. Not once have they complained of boredom. These children are seeing adults work hard to achieve a wonderful goal. They see us working together even through frustration. Anything they can do to help is immediate undertaken with great enthusiasm.

Growing up in the country, I learned to work. My children saw this in the way my parents lived. None of us were raised to be bored, idle or to complain. It was a way of life.

"Some day you will be able to tell Uncle's children that you were here when they moved in. You helped make this their home," I told the girls. Part of the larger picture.

"Grammy, come look," Sydney yelled. I left my garden tools in place and walked across the yard to the little tree house. "We started a nature club and made a home for spiders."

This coming from two girls who hated spiders was a bit of a surprise. I am one who always takes a spider from inside the house to the outside setting it free.

"We decided to make a home for spiders to make their webs. We decided to like spiders."

The little tree house is filled with large and small sticks creating framework for tiny legs to weave their homes.

Yes, this is a home for children, a home for family, a home for nature to survive and flourish.

Lisa, my son's new bride, hates bugs and spiders. Maybe we won't take her to the tree house.

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