Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Growing Up

"I want to be part of them moving in," my granddaughter said. "They won't move again, and I can't help after school starts." She is growing up.

What kid wants to tape woodwork for painting? What child wants to hang with the adults when playing with a friend is an option? What eleven year old would give up one of her last summer days to work?

I'm proud of Sydney. She seems to understand how important it is to be part of a family, to be part of an event. She wants to be part of the memories and activity. She somehow realizes that this is special and overrides the child desires to just play. Yes, Syd is growing up.

In just a couple of weeks, this young lady will be going to the Arts and Communication School. She will attend this school from grades six through twelve. The classes focus on her artistic abilities along with scholastic needs. Having been drawn from a lottery of names, she will attend with none of her friends. Her class size consists of only forty students.

The success is not that she won the draw and gets to attend her dream school. No, it is in the fact that she wants this enough to step away from the kids she has gone to school with for five years to face a new batch of kids.

"I'm a little afraid," she said. "But, Grammy, after a couple of days, I will have friends."

She knocks me off my feet, this granddaughter of mine. Never would I have had such courage at such a young age. No one supported my dreams, and I was discouraged to reach out for them.

It is a new day and age, and we are the new grandparents. We are the supporters of dreams. We are the teachers of kindness. We are the representatives of what family should be. We are those who have worth in the eyes of our grandchildren. We can change the world by changing.

I applaud you, grandparents. I applaud every time you lift your grandchildren up with praise. I applaud the times you just sit and listen to what is said as well as what is left unsaid. I applaud you for reading blogs that just might give you insight into becoming a newly discovered grandparent. I cheer for you each time you discover something new and wonderful in yourself and in your family.

My granddaughter is growing up and facing the unknown. Wow, so am I.


  1. My grandchildren bowl me over, too. Was I that wise and that bold at their age? No, I was not.

  2. I wish I had written down everything my children had said that knocked me over. Certainly would have more blog material!