Monday, August 30, 2010

End of the Rack

"When we are both dressed, we open the doors at the same time," Sydney instructed as she disappeared into the dressing room. A true preteen stepping through the door alone while Grammy helped Gabby.

The doors opened once more. Sydney had aged behind that door.

"Gabby, I really like that shirt," she said.

"I want skinny jeans, Grammy," Gabby informed me. Oh, no, another one stepping away from polka dots and t-shirts from Disneyland.

I know they are growing up. Every day I see new signs of the process. I noticed last week that rarely does Gabby play with toys. Sydney likes more time to herself. The times, they are a changin'.

"Honey, I think you need a size larger," from a Grandma determined not to send her granddaughter to school in tight clothing. I go to the far end of the rack to the next size wondering where to go from there.

Now there are shops for the tweens. I've checked them out. With the increase in size and decor to draw in the tweens, the prices increase as well. I think this is what is called a 'cornered market'.

"Can we look at my size?" asks Sydney as we pass by the shoes.

Her size?! Her size is my size! Argh!

Time passes. Feet grow. Just can't stop them. Oh, how I miss those little toes.

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