Monday, August 23, 2010

Birth of a Grandparent

"You have a baby girl," Dr. Green announced. Dr. Griffin was out of town when my baby girl decided to make her appearance two weeks early. When you are in labor, you don't care who is delivering that newborn, yet I wished it had been the old doc.

We had tried for over two years to have a child. Tests had been run, temperature taken, prayers said. Yet, no child came to us. Dr. Hilty, my Ohio gyn, gave me the options. We could continue to try or I could have surgery to remove cysts and tip a uterus back where it once it resided. Without hesitation, we opted for the latter.

The moving van emptied the items from Ohio into our new home in Wisconsin. Five hundred miles from family. Five hundred miles from the old house we had begun to remodel. Five hundred miles and one surgery away from my friend, my doctor. Five Hundred miles away, and I was pregnant.

A little over a year later we would be trying once more to have another child. Echoes of the past haunted us. I could not get pregnant. Dr. Griffin had known the problems we had bringing Stacey into the world. Tests were taken, procedures were done. I had already failed to pregnancy test and was now going in for a third.

Dr. Griffin had written a note given to me when I went in for the third test. "Good luck today. If it is positive, 'Congratulations'. If negative, don't give up." Well, it was positive and in nine months a baby boy joined our threesome.

I worked hard to have my children. Not everyone is as blessed with the same results. Yet it does not take birthing to make a parent. It does not take having a child of your own to make a difference in a child's life. All it takes is caring to make the world a bit better. They are all our children.

In raising my children, I have been birthed, renewed, awakened. With the eyes of a newborn child, I see new ways to grow. With each unsteady step, I learn to walk. With each day, I discover more. As a grandparent, I start all over again.

"Don't give up," Dr. Griffin wrote.

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