Thursday, August 12, 2010

As The Student

What I learn from my granddaughters. Well, that's a spicy lead in for a grandparent blog. It's true, you know. We grandparents do learn from them. I know, it's a given, but stop and think about what you were before you held that first grandchild and who you are today. Wow.

"Grammy, you can't do it. You're old. Let me help you." Could have done without this knowledge.

"Here, Grammy, let me show you." Oh, yes, I learn.

Perhaps they are really our guides, guiding us into better ways of grandparenting. Perhaps they are the tools that teach us about patience, tolerance, endurance, love. I know that I have found parts of myself that I didn't know existed until them. A discovery of a new me, a new way of dealing with things, a new way  of looking at the world around me has come along with these two children. Yes, they are my guides.

Sometimes a bit of random wisdom will occur to me or happen to flow from my lips, then I am awed. Where this new understanding, this new awareness has come from is truly from this experience as a grammy. I am a better mother because of them. I am a better friend, because they accept me wrinkles and all. I am a better person because they love me.

That old adage "I'm too old to learn" is waaaaaay out of date. We grow younger because of our grandchildren. We find new parts of ourselves by changing, reinventing the old us. My granddaughters are my greatest teachers.

Hm. As the student, I wonder what I learn today.


  1. i have spent most of the day reading every entry of your blog. i found it when i googled 'grandmother blogs.' i am a grandmother looking for ways to do it better, wondering if i'm doing it well-enough or often enough, and frequently feeling guilty. i think you have become my new best friend! we have so much in common ... divorce, wishing we had done it differently with our own children, the journey to 'find ourselves,' very similar parents, and, of course, grandchildren.

    i have four grandchildren who all live within three miles of me. three of them are my son's and one is my daughter's. just that information alone can probably give you an idea of the conflict within myself.

    i love your blog and will continue to read it on a daily basis now. thank you for your thoughtful and loving posts.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    (I just typed Anonymouse. I must be tired) I write this blog because I am just like you. I am just discovering myself and reinventing myself. Our journeys are not ours to make but to accept as already finished. We just need to learn who we are separate from what we have been told. We need to listen to our inner voice and discover the beauty and wisdom we have inside. That inner self holds all truth.

    Thank you for joining me on this journey into being a grandparent. I hope you will comment often. I never did like to travel alone.

    Thanks, Pam