Friday, July 9, 2010

Write.....go to park....write....go to park

Write blog.....go to park.....write blog....go to park with granddaughters.....write blog....let girls run through fountain with 98 degree temps roasting my house..... Guess which one won out yesterday.

When I was a little girl, I would go with Brenda to the fountain in Greenville park. The big white swan spewed water down on little tots giggling beneath. Golly, that was a long time ago and I very small, but I still remember it all so well. A little bit of splashing, a bit of scolding for running, a bit of sitting in the pool beneath the big swan. Big memories of a once little girl.

Most of the day was spent at the fountain yesterday. Snacks were packed along with books and cards. When the fountain fun dimmed and the cards were played, ice cream and a good book took over. Despite the heat, the girls did not want to leave the feel of the grass beneath their towels and the welcoming shade of the trees.

Being the people watcher that I am, I found myself pulled from my book while keeping an eagle eye on the girls and observing those around me. Mothers with infant babies stood in the sun, small children cried when a parent wasn't spotted, kids too big for the fountain pushed the smaller ones away. I wanted to be the fountain police giving out tickets and scoldings. I wanted to grab all of the babies exposed to the extreme heat and gather them with me under the tree. I found myself looking for shady lone men scoping out the children.

I miss that big old swan spitting out water to the delight of children closely watched by their mother. I miss the trees that surrounded the fountain protecting the babies. I miss the safety that once we experienced now seemingly gone forever.

It was a good day, there in the shade. We will return with me policing the area, reading my book.

Write with my grandchildren. Not even a contest.

I will see you back here on Monday. Have a safe, wonderful weekend.

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