Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warn The Children

Kyron Horman's school is not far from here. His story affects those of us who have children in our families. Our hearts go out to him and his parents. We are terrified that it could be our child who is missing.

When my children were small, we never thought about abduction. Sure, we all had heard about kids being kidnapped for ransoms, but child trafficking, selling children, children used for prostitution was unrealized.

Now I have granddaughters. From the time they were small, we taught them about strangers. They know how to watch out for each other, what to do if someone approaches them. They have been taught skills at school, skills that we continue to reinforce.

Over the last year, I have added to their information. No longer do they need only to be aware of cars or a single stranger, now they must be aware of vans that might have someone in the back ready to open the door and grab the child. They must worry about women luring them as well as men. WHERE DOES IT END!!?!?!?!?!

In trying to explain ways to handle bad situations, ways to be cautious, I try to keep the fear I feel hidden that I might give them courage and strength without too much fear. A fear that chills me to the core.

We as parents and grandparents owe it to our children to check out the website for predators who live in our neighborhood. Please check this out: There are 10 registered sex offenders in my area. One is a child sex offender. His picture is available on the website. It makes me ill to look a the picture, but I want to know his face so I am aware. I'm aware for my kids. I checked out the rural community where I grew up and found several in that area as well. We need to be informed. We need to know the face of danger.

No child should suffer at the hand of an adult. No child should be sold, kidnapped or molested. It is our duty to be informed, to inform the children, to teach safety and awareness.

Kyron Horman is missing.


  1. You are absolutely right that no child should have to suffer. But if we all become horribly paranoid about stranger danger, our children and grandchildren will suffer, because their activities and independence will be severely curtailed. It's difficult to do, and each family must make its own call, but we must strike a balance between keeping our children safe and allowing them to lead normal lives.

    In addition, some people who are regarded as sex offenders are ordinary young men who were trapped or seduced into having sex with younger girls, often thinking that the girls were older than their actual age. Not everyone who is tagged as a "sex offender" is a rapist or pedophile.

    Just saying. . . .

  2. Susan, I agree 100%. We need to give our children a sense of well-being. They do need to have normal lives. Yet in saying that, it only takes once and a child can be lost forever. We adults must be diligent while the children are busy being children. In giving children the power to handle bad situations, we also give them power to make good decisions.

    I realize that the sex offender list is not always a rapist or pedophile. Only one of the people marked on my area map was an offender who molested a child. I have a friend who was a teacher who made a mistake when he was fresh out of college. He got involved with one of his seniors. He paid for his mistake and will the rest of his life.

    2,000 children are reported missing each day. 800,000 children under the age of 18 are missing each year. 200,000 are taken by family members. 58,000 are taken by non-family members. Children run away and some are lost. Some are taken temporarily by a non-family member. The list goes on. This information is from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.