Thursday, July 22, 2010

Patiently Perfect

"Grammy, I need help." "Grams, what do I do now?" "Grandma Pam, can you help me?" The questions continue.

"Grandma Pam, you can write your blog we will be quiet."

I open my laptop holding my breath.

"Grammy, I have a problem."

Well, I knew it was too much to hope for and my own fault when it comes right down to it. It all began with, "So would you kids like to learn cross stitch?"

I knew that Sydney and her friend, Heather, could figure it out if I could get them started. I figured Gabby to have a rougher time. What I wasn't prepared for were my arthritic fingers and lousy eyesight. Still all were ready and willing...and somewhat able.

Patience. I'm not sure how we develop patience. Last night our entire family went out for dinner. By the end of our 2.5 hour meal, the girls were running out of patience. They were tired from a long day of playing and little sleep from a late night before. I know that antsy children make for short-tempered adults. Usually I bring something along to help the kids kill time, but in my haste I came empty handed. I was growing impatient myself.

I've looked for patience for many years. I don't know if I'm just old or if I have finally discovered the answers. Sure I get up tight. Sure I want to tie them to their seats. Sure I want to have a quiet meal without silliness, long decisions over the menu and wiggling children, sure I want quiet so I can write a blog, but I have had had my share of quiet times since my children have grown up. Now I find that a deep breath calm demeanor does more in the long run for child and adult.

Maybe this stockpile of patience has come stepping back and evaluating. From stepping away from my needs and looking to the feelings of others. I can enjoy these children and find solutions instead of heading straight for discipline and anger.

Sure I want to write my blog. Yet in the time since I first brought up the sewing idea, the kids have learned to divide embroidery floss, set the cloth into the wooden ring pulling it taunt, learned to tie knots, thread needles and tear out mistakes. It has been a good day.

The blog might be late, but this day has been just perfect....patiently perfect.

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  1. Good post! Grandmothers are never supposed to lose patience with our grandchildren and their comments. The truth is, sometimes we do! Sometimes it's best to give up on whatever you are trying to do that you think is important, and just be with the grandkids. Sometimes, however, you really do need to get something done, and I think it's fine to expect cooperation.