Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Packed Bags

Bags packed. Three day camp. Little did I know when this picture was taken that I would be coming back home on the second day.....homesick. This was an illness that followed me and my sisters until we were adults.

Camp Sugar Grove was the perfect place. When I was growing up. Old cabins, the stone cottage, the cottage by the creek, campfire, meals in the big old church and best of all, the swimming pool. Camp!

My son wanted to send his niece to camp this summer. In checking the prices, he found them to be exorbitant and impossible. Even the local church camp prices had gone up. For a middle class family, it was just too much.

So are the good 'ol days gone for our grandkids, at least those of middle class?  I'm a product of unemployment and trying to do what I can for my kids on a limited income, but I cannot send them to camp or give them special classes. Not easy for a single grams to accept. I miss not doing for my girls. Yes, we have creative times and nature walks. They go camping with their dad. They swim at their mom's apartment complex. But they don't go to camp.

Bible school offers the kids a chance to meet new kids and do crafts. They go for a week away to see friends who went to Bible school with them in years past. Yet it isn't camp.

I wasn't very good at staying away from home. I rarely stayed overnight at a girlfriend's house and never at a grandparents'. Not true for my grandchildren. My girls have been staying at my house since they were babies. They don't remember a time of not sleeping over. Just last week Gabby got homesick when at a friend's house. It was a first.

No, we can't afford camp. Maybe some day. I think we can be creative enough to come up with new, creative ideas for children and grandchildren. We may not have wealth, but we do have imagination, and wealth to offer in just being there.


  1. We've had the same experience. My two oldest grandchildren got to experience camp a couple of times. Then the camps raised their prices and the recession hit. Grandma Camp is likely to be the only kind of camp the younger ones will get to go to. That makes me a little sad, but we'll have fun together!

  2. Truly we do become the 'camp'. Maybe sharing creative, inventive times with us are just as important in the long run. It's the best camp I ever attended!