Monday, July 12, 2010

the Monster at the end of this Book

"No, don't read that book," said little Gabby. "It scares me!"

Meanwhile her sister ate up every word, every voice inflection as each page was slowly turned moving us to the end of the book. A new generation once more found a monster at the end of this book.

When I moved away from home, I took my books. Books that my Aunt Alma, Grandmother and Aunt Welma had given to me. Books that had survived my childhood. My children and grandchildren were never into my old books. They wanted bright colors and big pictures, stories that were fast paced. Stories without pictures or a voice imparting the beauty of the story was less exciting than TV, the wii or books that contained puzzles, games, hidden windows or pop-up characters.

I remember sitting in the corner of the playroom reading the poems and jingles in my little Golden Books. When I played school with my dolls, I read to my silent pupils from my books and had them read the poems in a voice that sounded much like the teacher's. My books. My treasures.

Honestly, I don't remember anyone ever reading to me as a child, so when my children came along, I vowed to give them what I had missed. My children would know the beauty of books. Richard Scarry and Lowly Worm captivated my son. His little finger would be poised and ready to stab at Lowly who changed location on each page.

Jim Henson gave books an exciting new format. Books involved the children, talked directly to them."The Monster at the end of the Book" was a favorite. My little son sat on the edge of his seat as Grover moved page by page closer to the end of the book...closer to the monster. When his first niece was born, he could hardly wait to read the book to her. She was as captivated as he had been all those years before.

I walked into Powell's Book Store prowling the aisles as usual checking out what was new and what was recommended by the staff. My eyes landed on the sweet book that had traveled two generations with my family. Still a favorite, Grover continues to delight children and bring smiles to those of us who remember.

"I, lovable, furry Grover, am the monster at the end of the book."

Yes, Grover, you are still taking children page by page on a wonderful adventure.

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  1. My children loved this book! I wonder if the grands have read it.