Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomorrow Is My Birthday

“It all went so fast,” my mother said to me the last time I saw her. Yes, yes, it did.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I have been spending a few days contemplating this passing of years one birthday to the next. My friend and I were talking about how quickly we seem to be changing with each increase in age. Years ago time passed, but we didn’t see much change. Now bones ache a little more each year. A once toned body is now tone deaf. I can’t remember the color of my hair. All I know is that when the roots start to grow out, the color is not the one that capped my curly head when I was born. Where did it all go?

Age is really not an issue with me. In fact, the number game should be banned. All people should be ageless just like they are colorless. We should all see the inside of one another instead of judging by the outside shell. The first time I was asked if I wanted to order from the senior menu, I wanted to punch the waitress. My mother had just died. I was in mourning and all of 52.

At one time I may have had my true blond and worn a size 6. My energy was high and no aches had yet surfaced. But I was naive. I had a lot to learn.

Tomorrow is my birthday. 63 years ago I tried to greet the world feet first. I’m sure when the doctor saw the two large feet of an 8# baby looking at him, he’d wished he had taken up law. Still, one more girl joined the family. I joined a pretty good family. Couldn’t have picked a better one myself. I am not so naive now and am taking advantage of each passing day.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

BTW, forgive me if I miss a day of writing. Sometimes it is just impossible to get anything written.

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