Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sibling Success

Siblings. As children, we wish we were only children every time that sibling plays and sometimes breaks our toys. Those times when we want to play with our friends...alone. Times that those 'kids' embarrass us, anger us, torment us and are general pains. Ah, to be an only child.

My granddaughter lit up when I announced that her sister was spending the night with a friend.

"Syd, wouldn't you miss your sister if you didn't have her?" I asked.

She smiled not saying a word.

Heather, her friend, said, "We wouldn't have as much fun without her."

Syd agreed.

I think we grow out of and into our siblings. Kids usually adore that new baby that comes home with Mom from the hospital then find out quickly that the baby takes entirely too much attention. Later they become playmates. Even later they grow into an age gap. One leaves the other behind.

As an adult, we get busy with our lives and know we have siblings, but the importance of that connection is scattered. That is until we begin to lose the older generation. Then once more we find our siblings and cherish them.

Today I focus on those people who have shared our lives from when we were just little ones. Those who remember us a children and know our histories. I try to impart to my grandchildren how important their they are to one another and how much I love my sisters. We try to work out ways to make things work in the times of changes from the older moving on and the other staying behind. It takes work, but what can be more important.

Siblings are God's gift to us. They embrace us when we are unembraceable. They share our losses and our victories. They are the mirror in which we see ourselves and our history.

Yes, God's gift.

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