Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pied Piper Grandma

“Can I call you Grandma?” asked the little girl, a friend of my granddaughter’s.
“Of course, you can,” I replied.
“My granddaughter is thrilled that she can call you Grandma,” explained her mother at a later date.
I don’t mind. Heather, the girl’s best friend has called me Grandma Pam for years. Another neighbor calls me the same. It’s not so bad being the universal grandma. There is always enough love for all the children.
The last day of school arrived on Thursday. Fifth graders graduated from elementary school. One of Sydney’s schoolmates I didn’t know came up asking me to sign her yearbook. I signed it and was immediately asked to sign another.
I don’t know if I have some invisible sign over me which is only visible to children. It must flash “Pied Piper Grandma” above my head. If I had a flute, I’d probably have a trail of kids behind me.
Now it’s not that I adore all children. I’m really not much of a ‘kid’ person, since we weren’t raised to that end. But for some reason I seem to attract the smaller people who inhabit this earth. Maybe it’s a scent thing. Hm.
My son has the same affect on children. They stare at him and are drawn to him. Dogs and kids.
We had a huge garage sale this week. Yesterday was the last day. I was exhausted and ready to be at the end of it. My friend’s niece came to help along with her 4 year old son. I hadn’t met her children before.
“Grandma, do you want to come play with us?” the adorable little boy asked not long after they arrived.
His mother’s eyes widened. “He never says that to anyone but my mom,” she exclaimed.
Before they left, the small boy sought me out. “Good-bye, Grandma,” he said with his arms wrapped around me.
I don’t know what it is, but I feel blessed to have children love me so easily. Maybe they just know I’m a kid at heart with a heart that loves to give. Maybe I have something more to learn about myself, and they will teach me.
Maybe I’m not the Pied Piper. Perhaps I’m Peter Pan.

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