Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Open Another Door

It began with an after school snack. “So, what do you want to do?” I asked. “We could go to the lake and draw.”

“No, I don’t want to go outside. We were outside all day at school,” Sydney said. Hm.

“We could make Father’s Day cards, Grammy. You said we would,” replied Gabby.

“We have lots of time to make cards. I don’t want to,” snapped Sydney.

Impasse. We were at an impasse. A storm was brewing. My day had been productive and all in all, pretty great. No bad moods were going to change it.

“Why don’t we take our books to Powell’s (our local bookstore) and read?”
Lights went on. Jackpot!!!

“Can we take our drawing?” asked Gabby. Of course, why not. Their ideas are every bit as good as mine.

Powell’s has a section of leather chairs placed around a small garden area. Only two chairs were available. Gabby immediately sat on the garden wall while Syd and I settled in with our books.

“What can I draw?” Gabby asked constantly for the next 20 minutes. I had emptied my purse, pointed out books, racks, rocks. Finally she was sprawled out on the rock wall drawing my foot.

“Why don’t we find some art books for ideas?”

Much to our delight, we found the same type of chairs in the art section. Immediately, the girls rambled up and down the aisles looking at books that lined the shelves. Ideas popped and pencils scribbled.

The day was a success!!!!

What is it that triggers our grandchildren's minds? What can we do to offer new ideas, new adventures, especially those we have not tried. First times are the best times shared. Even in the car.

I started to turn off the radio.

“Don’t turn it off,” said Sydney.

“We like that music,” added Gabby.

Who would believe that my granddaughters would love classical music.

It’s an exciting thing we do, Grandparents. We may be the keepers of the past, but we are also a key to a future. Those steps we take with our grandchildren can be new steps for us. We are never too old to learn. We are old enough to know that we can’t do everything well but we can try. What a great example for our grandchildren!

Instruments played, books lined the shelves, my foot became a drawing, a grandma opened another door.

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