Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Novel Idea

“Can I give you a hug?” she asked as I set the bag of books in front of her. I never pass up a hug….not even from a grateful stranger.     
Amazing how books can draw people together. As an avid reader, I’m never without two books going at the same time. One book resides next to the sofa. The other resides in my car inside of a backpack that contains a folding book stand as well. As a single woman, I find that the best company I can have while sitting in a waiting room, sitting outside on a sunny day or dining alone is a good book. Thus two books at the same time.
I found a wonderful little folding book stand years ago at Border’s Book Store. It costs all of $5 and was one of the best investments I ever made. Hardly a time goes by when I am not reading at some public place that someone doesn’t come up to me as ask where I got this little treasure.
One day I was eating lunch reading my book thus ignoring everyone in the café except the characters I’d been chasing page after page.
“Do you mind if I sit down?” asked the woman who stood next to my booth.
“Not at all,” I answered nodding to the empty bench.
“I was interested in where you found your book stand,” she continued.
I explained the history of my little stand showing it off and praising its benefits.
“I am a buyer for Powell’s Book Store. We need to carry these.”
I firmly agreed…..and now they do.
There have been times when I’ve given my bookstand away to some avid reader. More recently I’ve begun carrying a new stand with me to give away at such times. I love seeing the light in their eyes hoping that in some way they will pass on the kindness. It’s only $5 now and then.
Yesterday I was standing with my most recent book at the counter of the doctor’s office. The woman at the desk asked if the book was good. We immediately became book friends. She was looking for new authors, and I had many to share. On leaving the office, I forgot my book.
I returned this morning with a bag of books that had been sitting in my closet waiting for a new home. I left the office with my book I’d forgotten and a warm hug.

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