Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ibuprofen Chaser

The art of playing with children when you are a grandparent is a bit more of a struggle than that of a Mom. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I sat in the middle of the floor playing with my children....not easy any more. My son has not had his babies yet. Argh! What I wouldn’t give for a younger more energetic body.

My friend took care of her grandchildren yesterday.

“Oh, my word, I’m exhausted….and I still have them for two days more,” she moaned.

Yes, I understand. However, I refuse to give up that time building memories and playing with these children born to our family. Many days I have a back ache from sitting on the floor too long or from having two large grandchildren cuddling while we watch a movie. Legs poke at me, heads lean against me. Rotation takes place every few minutes. Both complain of not having a sofa cushion all to themselves. Oh, we all have our own cushion….mine is the only one that seems to be holding all limbs. But I will not complain and will not give up these fleeting years in time. They are my memories too that are happening.

I hope I don’t give up on myself. Yes, it is a struggle to find that energy, to find that endurance, but some day they will be grown. Then I can be old.

They keep me young, these two girls. They make me concentrate on the positive and not the negative. They give me reason to strive for that energy that abates me, to push myself to be the grandmother I want to be for these children. I want to be an example, not a bump on a log. I want to participate, not watch.

We are the ‘new grandparent’. We have the power to be more than our age. Our bodies will respond to our energy if we encourage it. Our patience will be there if we work at honing in on the important things. Our rest time can be coloring books and movies, but our kid time must be theirs. It is a good thing we do overlooking the aches and pains. It is a good relationship we build overlooking our own weaknesses.

Ah, bring on the Ibuprofen, haul out the heating pad. Today we play!

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