Monday, May 10, 2010

Under a Crystal Glaze

Mother’s Day and everyone goes for pancakes….just like us. My daughter and granddaughters sat protectively at our table. Why protectively??? Because we waited an hour to get this valuable table in a busy restaurant.

Pancakes ordered, we settled in to celebrating. I received a great planter for my yard. Yes, Grammy would be digging in the dirt soon. Then came the gifts of the hands. Those things my granddaughters had made for their mother. You know, schools are great. They realize that some mothers are single and do not have a dad to take their young child to find something for mommy. This year the classes had made tissue and wire flowers in small pots painted by the children. Truly, a mother’s delight.

This year though Dad had done a good thing. He not only gave his children the opportunity to create a lasting treasure for their mom, but he also gave himself the experience of spending time with his children showing them that he does care for their mother despite the divorce.

Stacey unwrapped the tissue surrounding the package exposing a beautiful hand painted vase. Dad had taken the girls to a ceramic shop where sponges were used to create the background on the vase. Fingers pressed in paint dabbed bright colors all over the piece making the centers of the flowers, flowers whose petals were then drawn by freehand. With all of the lopsided petals, the sweet finger prints forever captured beneath glaze, the vase was priceless. A mother was given a gift she will treasure forever. A mother learned something more about the girls’ father.

The rest of the day was spent at the zoo. God provided weather for a perfect day. We provided the giggles. Time bonding child with parent. Time capturing memories in new ways.

A friend once told me that after her grandchildren had come to visit, she noticed small handprints all over the patio door. Handprints she refused to wipe away wanting to keep the memories a bit longer. Fingerprints of a time that is all too soon gone.

Fingerprints forever captured in brilliant colors under a crystal glaze.

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