Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Join The Journey

“Tickle me, Grammy.” “Sit here and play this game with me.” The words poured out of Sydney’s chatty mouth. This girl who was usually very quiet when I picked her up from school, who was dealing with tween mood swings, was all smiles and cheer.

She swings between childhood desires and preteen feelings. She is tossed on a sea that I remember quite well. There were moments I hated the world and others that I wanted to know all I could about it. Being alone became more desirable and conflict with adults more prevalent. Yes, I remember it well.

Gabby had gone to a dentist appointment with her dad. Only Syd and I were in residence. Not often do I get the girls separately. The one on one time is precious. Each girl relishes the individual attention while I am freed from the pull of both girls at once, freedom to see them more clearly. I was seeing the girl I once knew full of teasing and giggling away from the tweening and into the bonding we have always shared. We talked without interruption and focused on grandma and granddaughter. Conversation flowed along with the laughter.

I feel for grandparents who live away from their grandchildren as my parents did. I know from those visits to Ohio there was always a ‘getting re-acquainted’ period. The comfort level for both grandparents and grandchild took time to settle in and for the home to feel comfortable again. I am blessed to have my girls so close to me.

I have friends who have never had their grandchildren over night. Some grandparents watch over their grandchildren but miss diving into the fray having a blast playing with them. Being a grandparent is a last frontier. It is an adventure into who you are as an adult. It is more than just having descendents to carry on the family name

Grandparents offer much to the child, but believe me, in essence, it teaches us to be the best we can be. Grandparenting challenges us. We must learn to relax and enjoy. We must toss aside pre-exisiting ideas and learn new ways. We become real. Grandchildren teach us to be better people.

This is a grandparent’s voice. This is a woman who stepped out of her comfort zone into the kids’ zone. This is a grandmother on a journey into herself with the help of a granddaughter in her tweens. C’mon take join the journey. It’s mighty fine.

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