Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Missed You, Too

“Grammy, when will I see you again? I missed you,” my granddaughter asked after staying at my house the day I returned from the beach. “I really missed you.”

I missed her, too, but hearing it from her lips meant the world to this grandma. Precious words that will reside in my heart with all of the other precious actions and words that have come from this sweet girl.

I swear she has grown since I left four days earlier. She seems taller and our conversations seem a bit different. This eleven year old is becoming a young woman. Our relationship will change. For now, I will take what I can get and savor each moment. For all too soon, these moments with my granddaughters will be grown, and I will warm by the fires of these precious times.

I wish I could remember all of the wonderful things my children said, all of the cute surprises that caught me off-guard. As a busy mother, I didn’t take time to jot down these antics or believe that I would ever forget them. Once in awhile one is shook lose by some tiny thread bringing back the smiles that accompanied the moment. How I wish I could sit with a notebook in hand and read the entries, that I could giggle and recall the pictures in my mind as vividly as the actual events. Ah, our moments with our children.

Today was the first I saw Gabrielle since my return. My hand was never cold from loss of a small, warm hand in mine. Eating lunch was snug with her pressed against my side. We were puzzle pieces once more finding the niche. I relived my trip to the beach and she relived the week at school. Yes, I was home.

How do we tell our children how important these moments are and will be to them in their older years? How do we tell them that a hug from the heart, a moment to stop what you are doing to listen to the child, the nights you don’t sleep with a little one kicking or laying on top of your head are the best moments they will ever experience?!

Maybe the time I take with these young ones will be memories they will carry on. My children did not have grandparents nearby. So we’ll try this generation.

“Syd, why don’t you just come live with me? I missed you,” I teased her.

“Okay,” she replied.

My bet is that she will always know that she has a place of refuge, that she has will always be home in my home, that she has a grandma who is capturing the moments and writing them on her blog.

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