Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You Hear Me!!!!

“Lumber shortage in Northeast...high demand may mean lumber shortage….sawmills unable to expand production….lumber prices in New Zealand climbing….” 2010 lumber shortage.

There it sits in my driveway, wet from the evening rain. I will once more pick up the unsolicited package and toss it directly into the recycle bin. Oregonian, I do not want the weekly Food Day supplement. I do not want the plastic bag that contains it.

Daily mail. Another day of solicitations for bells and whistles that I do not need added to any utility, bank account, cable service, phone service or service I do not have. Another flyer of weekly specials for neighborhood businesses flies to the recycle bin. Gift catalogs, “to occupant” propaganda and even political proddings add to the paper that accumulates in my recycle bin.

Argh!!!! Listen all of the above! Stop wasting paper! Stop sending information we do not want on paper we need to conserve. STOP!!!! If you want to send something, send the message of conservation. Show our children that we are not a wasteful nation. Helloooooo! Are you listening?????

And, this is only one of my complaints for the day. Every day I pass office complexes that wear “for lease” signs. Building after building with empty parking lots and darkened windows echo the message. For sale signs stand in front of houses. Still new homes are built and huge office complexes spring up seemingly overnight. Land is needlessly eaten up. Wild critters are forced from their homes. Still this ridiculous wasteful obscenity continues.

Billions of dollars are pouring into the recent oil well incident trying to stop the oil pouring out of the ground. Again, nature is attacked. I personally have a theory: the oil we pull out of the earth might just be fueling the fires that warm our earth. Just my own theory. Many fuel alternatives are being pursued and viable. So why continual drilling?

Who is in essence really cutting our trees, fueling the energy fire? What do we as American citizen do to put our power and action to work? What voice do we raise in protest to an earth that is being used up and destroyed? This is not a new question. Ecological organizations desperately work to raise awareness, to make changes while other interests pour money into ‘urging’ politicians to see things their way.

Remember the 60’s when we protested, we raised our voices for change? Where did we go? What happened to our voice of injustice? What happened to our desire to make a difference, to the voice that cared?

Newspapers, stop wasting paper. Businesses, quit sending me ads and promotions. Corporations, quit wasting our land and our resources. Politicians, step away from the pack and make a difference. All of you, stop padding your pockets with our lives and our land.

Whew, I feel better. How about you?

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