Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Water's Fine

As I have said in past posts, there are friends of the heart that are more than friends and sometimes more than family. Mine is Brenda. My trip back east in many ways makes it difficult for me to decide what belongs to my blog, neffroad.blogspot.com, and what belongs to agrandparentsvoice.com. So the crossover will just reside as the chapters of my lifelong learning move on.

From dolls to babies. From childhood to adulthood. From one coast to another. Stepping into one another lives noticing the changes from who we were to who we have become. Grandmas holding hands walking down Neff Road. Memories of popping with bare feet tar that bubbled up through pavement on hot summer days, hiding beneath the bridge, dragging odds and ends to the corncrib in the summer to create our summer playhouse are only in part the experiences we revisited.

Brenda and I have not lived in the same state since we were about 21. Next door neighbors bonding as toddlers, we knew one another backwards and forwards. We still do. We have made that journey from childhood to a time of holding our grandchildren on our knees. One of the most precious things we shared was our parents. Yes, we have made a long journey through confusion, happiness, pain and now deep sorrow. It is the way with friends of the heart.

In our walking down memory lane, we talked of our grandparents. In this reminiscing, we emptied more of our feelings not shared before. Layers of our lives seemed to melt away as we talked. The differences between our years of growing up and that which we offer our grandchildren are like night and day. Back in the olden days (hehehe) our grandparents talked to us or not, knew that we existed and were probably thrilled to see us go home. Soooooo contrary to the grandparents we have become.

Brenda and I revert back to those little girls loving to create and to play. She is teaching her four-year-old granddaughter to sew while I am teaching my girls to paint and draw. Talking to our grandchildren and introducing new experiences into their lives is part of what we do. From the past, we learned to be better. We threw away our ages and became ageless for our families.

It wasn’t my day to pick up the girls, but I could wait no longer. As soon as I walked into the lobby of the school, a friend’s small boy tackled me. I squeezed Aiden telling him I had missed him. Squeals echo down the hallway as my granddaughter and her friend run to hug me. I missed you so much, Grammy,” Gabby said when it dawned on her that I was really standing there.

I’m home. I am missing my Brenda. She will welcome twin grandbabies in August. We have moved from doll babies to our own and now to the babies of our children. We have learned much over the years. I’m pretty sure we have improved with age.

Be ageless, my friends, so you can offer up the best of you. Learn from one another. Our grandparents were on the edge of our lives. Brenda and I jumped into the middle of this parenting thing learning to make memories and connections with our grandchildren. Jump in. The water’s fine.

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  1. 'Jumping in' is one of the greatest joys of my life. How wonderful to have retained a friendship with a childhood friend and all the shared memories and joys that entails. One of my sorrows is that in moving so many times (16 different schools in 12 years), I never had the chance to develop those kinds of connections.