Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Alike

I need to take time this morning to thank those of you who post comments. Your comments are fun, supportive and absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing this journey. Now, let’s continue…….

My brother-in-law sat on the floor stacking blocks with his youngest grandson. He would stack, the boy would knock them over. Both laughed and begin the game again. I looked upon this picture of grandpa and grandson. A perfect picture.

My sister and her husband didn’t get their two grandsons until they were in their later years. Health issues make this grandparenting thing more difficult, yet they strive to give these boys their best. I was concerned that they would miss the romp and tumble with these boys, but I was wrong. The romp and tumble were not the important things. My sister and her husband are giving them so much more. The boys were giving them a joy they had never known.

At my next oldest sister’s home in Indiana, I spent a bit of time with my nieces and nephews. The relationship here was different as well. These kids were grown. This grandma was dealing with four kids ready to face the world. Not the motherly or grandmotherly type, my sister, too, has given these children something they have as yet to discover.

We all grandparent differently. Of course, we do. I am a very hands-on grandma, my oldest sister is a very supportive grandma and my other sister is an artistic realist. We all have gifts to give and different ways of giving them. None is perfect. None is all encompassing. We make our mistakes and have our successes. We have our regrets in raising our own children and have learned as grandparents not to make them again.

This grandparenting thing we do does not always come easily. Physically it is at times a struggle. Emotionally it has it times as well. Sometimes it just isn’t easy. Whether we are rocking a baby or chatting with a teen, whether we are older or younger grandparents, we have our history to make us better, we have a love that makes us try.

He sat playing with his grandson as she sat smiling. The teens teased and banter with their grandma. Different but still a like.


  1. My oldest grandchild turned 18 today! As much as we love each other, it is harder to spend time together, harder to get that closeness we once had. I'll be going to spend a couple of days at her house this week while her parents are out of town. I hope we have some quality time. But grandparents with young children, enjoy them all you can, because it does get more difficult!

  2. How lovely that you accept and celebrate the differences in your grandparenting stories. The older I get, the more I realise that there is no one 'right way' to do things.