Friday, March 5, 2010

Ways to Feel Younger

Ways to feel younger by Pamela Loxley Drake:

Change your hair. Find a do that is you….a new you. Get away from the old standby. Try a new color. Mom always said that old women should not wear long hair. Heck, why not? Up dos, pony tails, fun hair accessories. Why should we miss it because we are older? Contrary to what we believed when we were younger, ‘hair does grow out if you don’t like what you have’.

Update your wardrobe. Try new styles that really aren’t you. You just might find more fun in your clothing and in your life. My mother always said that you shouldn’t wear any colors but navy blue or black after 40. I try to find a new me each season looking at new colors and updated styles. I still can’t wear yellow.

Don’t just babysit. Interact with your grandkids and have a blast. Sit on the floor for awhile. Sure you might be creaky and hurt a little, but the kids appreciate that you try. Try one of their concoctions that may consist of orange juice, ice cream and blue berries with a little soda mixed in or some secret ingredient. A sip goes a long way when it comes time for them to try a new food for you.

Take a walk and let your grandkids show you things and explain them. Make it a game.

Have lunch with your grandchild at their school. The seats are crowded, the kids are noisy, the food is tolerable, the memories you make and the new young friends you meet are lifetime treasures.

Omit the obits. Avoid the obituary page of the newspaper. If you must read it, just skim for names you know, but don’t linger. It’s depressing and sad. Look at the live people and let the others sleep in peace.

Have a chocolate stash in case of boredom. One piece will make your day.

Meet a friend for bowling. I can’t bowl but the laughs and giggles are well worth the challenge.

Try something new. Learn to paint, go on a bird watch, join Habitat for Humanity, take up a new instrument. I am trying to add to the instruments in my home. I have a piano and a uke. My son has my guitar. I want a singing bowl, an Indian pipe and a drum next. The girls and I can make our own music or join in with a CD. No talent needed. Just the desire and fun.

Give something away to someone who admires it. I have a bookstand that I use whenever I read while eating. On my last visit to a Chinese restaurant, the waiter told me that after seeing the bookstand the last time I was there, he looked online for one. On my way out, I gave him mine.

Try a new recipe. Set out plate of munchies appetizers just for you. Who needs a party to have fun! Take your dinner to a park or nature trail.

Go to the bookstore with a good book and sit among the readers. Grab a coffee, get a soft chair and enjoy.

Have a facial or a massage or a pedicure/manicure or all of the aforementioned, definitely my recommendation.

Take a dance class. Go alone or with someone you love.

Try a new sport. Tennis, swimming, bowling, whatever might just tug at that inner child.

Take a walk at the zoo…..alone.

Take up woodworking, throw pottery. Keep increasing your interests in something new.

Be creative. Don’t pigeon hole yourself because of your age. The opportunities in life are limitless.

I am ageless. How about you?


  1. You have some wonderful ideas here! A few months ago I hosted an indoor picnic for my grandchildren. We wore summer clothing, arranged seashells, painted our bodies, and ate picnic fare on a blanket on the floor. It was a welcome break from the long winter and my grandchildren are still talking about it.

  2. Nana Jo, I appreciate you comments. I love your website and will add it to my fav blogs.

    One thing I didn't add to the list was to take a vitamin B complex. The magic pill.

    I love your idea of the picnic. It's that creativity that makes memories and keeps us young in our endeavors to open our grandchildren's minds to new ideas. I guarantee this will be one of our new adventures.

    Thank you for joining my journey. I feel like I have a new friend.

  3. Pamela, thank you so much for the beautiful comments you left on my blog. Reading you is such a gift. Your words resonate with me so fully. I, too, feel that I have made a new friend.

  4. I have friends who are younger than I am, and one of their major topics of conversation is funerals--who has died, the circumstances of the deaths, and what the funeral was like. I avoid reading the obituaries, and I don't go to funerals unless I am really obligated to do so. My father, who is 94, is the same way. I think at our ages, death is the last thing we need to focus on!