Monday, March 8, 2010


Shhhhhhh. The kitty is sleeping. Ah, I lied. The kitty isn’t sleeping. A pussy willow tree is coming out into fuzzy bud just peeking out of its winter bed.

I walked around the lake. Everyone around here knows about Commonwealth Lake with ducks and geese squawking and chasing one another. Bicycled riders dodging walker on the path. Dogs greeting one another or trying to get past their owners to that other growling piece of fur.

Shhhhh. I want all of them to go away.

Being alone in the midst of noise is a learned talent. I have found over the years that the places I desire to absorb and enjoy are often overrun by tourists, children or traffic. The zoo, Japanese Gardens, Rose Gardens, Cannon Beach even Ft. Vancouver all attract pedestrians, those who invade my space.

Shhhhh. I want all of them be quiet and go away.

I long to sit in the Pittock Mansion alone listening for the ghosts to tell me their story. I want to sit looking over Mt. St. Helens without a tour guide or other visitors oohing and aahing. How about a quiet campfire on the spot where Lewis and Clark talked over their plans?

Shhhhh. I want them all to go somewhere else and leave me alone. Literally, alone.

I don’t know when this desire captured me, this feeling of needing my space. Perhaps when I stood with my grandchildren watching an owl close by sitting on a limb looking back at us. Maybe it happened when I was walking the beach. It could be when I touched a pussy willow sitting at the end of a limb, the first peek at spring.

Shhhh. I want them to stop and look and listen, too.

I was taught at an early age to go slowly, to observe. To look at the sky as well as the ground. To peek under leaves and to listen to sounds beyond those which are human made. Maybe I want to capture that again, to be that much closer to the earth and my place in it. Maybe I want humanity to allow my grandchildren to find their place as part of the earth and the earth as part of them. I want the world to get on board. Understand what we have been given and what must be cherished and protected.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I want them to wake up and truly smell the roses.

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  1. This is so lovely. I think we grow the most beautiful friendships of all when we can understand each others' quiet spaces.