Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Squidish Way

My days of eating calamari are gone snatched away from me with just a few minutes of a Discovery TV show on the Humboldt squid. It will be a loss. Never one to turn away from a culinary adventure, calamari was a wonderful surprise. I fell in love with it. Ah, no more.

These wonderful creatures thought to be killers are indeed peaceful. They attack when threatened….don’t we all. Gracefully they swim investigating the divers who float in their midst. The big eye of the inquisitive squid quickly took in the divers then dashed away flashing colors of white and red. The squid were harmless, curious, rather sweet in their own squidish way.

But this is not the reason I am swearing off calamari.

From the evidence the divers gathered, the squid would work as a team to herd krill for food.

This is not the reason either.

The diver took the lens from her underwater camera off placing it in her tiny pocket. While focusing on the squid around her, a sly squid curiously sneaked a tentacle into her pocket and retrieved the lens cap. Curiosity. A brain. All of a sudden another sea creature lands on the list of the knowing.

Who will protect them from the boats of fishermen who capture a hundreds a day? I can’t do much, but I don’t need to increase the market.

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