Monday, February 8, 2010

Sprouting Sun

A shadow crosses my path. The illusive sun seems to have returned for a seasonal visit. Could I step to an ancient dance praising the sun’s glow, my feet would know the steps and my mind would soar with praise for the revealed visitor. Perhaps like the groundhog, I need to see a shadow to know that a new season is peeking from behind winter.

I am not one to have problems with winter grey. The seasons are always welcomed with renewed and open arms. Yet my body knows the need for the sun’s warmth. My grandchildren crave the sunny moments and run to meet them. “I want more sun,” my granddaughter cries.

“You were outside playing in it today,” I reply.

“It wasn’t long enough.”

True. It wasn’t, but today it returned. She and the other children will play in the sun at recess. They will come home, hop on bikes or pick up a baseball mitt and worship the sun’s warmth.

We sit on the verge of spring while my sister sits in feet of snow. Our bad winter came last year with more snow than Oregon had ever seen. This is our year for early spring, trees in bud, crocus and other bulbs peeking through, impatiens still hanging on to another year of existence already bloom beneath wet leaves. An earth comes to life, also in those who inhibit it.

Much to my dismay, my hands will prevent my digging in the soil separating weed from flower. Mowing is out of the question, but I can still smell the fresh cut grass. My daughter-in-law is excited to take on the task learning what I already knew…the earth revives the soul as well as the eager plants. Gabby will excitedly clean out the birdbath. The bird feeders will be filled. My yard once more will not only teem with birds searching for food, a pesky squirrel hiding peanuts and a cat stalking from the shadows but will be filled with the renewal of laughter, good conversation and thrilling discovery of new sprouts making their way to the sunlight.

A shadow crosses the room. The blinds’ parallel slates create pictures on the wall. Spring is in the air. Today I celebrate the sun.

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