Sunday, February 14, 2010


A hug and kiss when you walk through the door.
A listening ear when you tell of your day.
A hand reaching out to touch you in times of pain, sorrow and even just to let you know someone cares.
Bringing you a second cup of coffee without you asking.
Silently standing next to you as you stand awed by Mother Earth.
Saying “I love you” without saying the words out loud.
A partner who pitches in doing housework, cooking and working in the yard.
Almost purring when you dance together.
Still holding your coat for you after many, many years.
Protecting you when you are under attack of illness, hard feelings and loss.
Remembering the little things you have forgotten.
Dropping by work or home to surprise you with a single rose.
Defending you before he defends himself.
Knowing when to step in and when to leave you alone.
A friend, a confidante and the other part of your heart.
A warrior to fight for a love that will get stale, might even disappear in disenchantment for awhile and needs to be protected and fought for that it might be better than before.

I believe Cupid carries a bow and arrow ready to defend lovers, families and friends who love.

Happy Valentine's Day. May your love reach out to encompass all.


  1. One of my friends who was in a bad marriage once told me that her ideal was symbolized by the Simon and Garfunkel song, "A Bridge Over Troubled Waters." I've thought of her remark so many times and I do think it represents true love. Too often, when we are stressed, our loved ones respond with irritation or lashing out with cares of their own. Why is it so difficult to try to make things easier when they are hard for our dearest ones? I guess it's because most of us are at heart selfish. When others are under stress, we don't get the loving care and attention we crave. It's such a shame that we can't all have a bridge when our waters are troubled.

  2. I agree, Susan. I just read an article on the study showing that married couples seem to use the words 'us and we' less often. Maybe in our strive to be individuals we have created a rift in unity. Sometime maybe we will realize that unity is an individual choice. Hm.